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About Me

A little bit about me.......I LOVE Real Estate. I think I have been obsessed with houses since I was very young. Maybe because my family moved alot so I got the chance to live in all different types of houses. Well, I love them all!! Just when I think I've picked a favorite style, I book a showing with clients and boom, a different style takes the lead.....for a little while. Lol. Thankfully I get to see many of the wonderful homes Winnipeg has to offer. Some days when I'm driving,  I'm taking note of homes that I love the face of and dropping a note in a mailbox to let the owner know how great I think their home looks. A bit cheesy....Yep! But I can't help it!! I LOVE houses. Anytime you want me to come and have a look at yours, I'm ready. Or if you are thinking you need to find a new one, lets do that.